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-Emulators ​Overview+====== General Troubleshooting ​Emulators ​====== 
 +<font inherit/​inherit;;#​e74c3c;;​inherit>//​**FIRST:​ It may seem OBVIOUS but the first step to figuring out frontend problems is to first figure out if it's a frontend problem AT ALL. Which means, always run the game/​table/​emulator OUTSIDE of the frontend with exactly the same parameters to determine if its an Emulator Config problem, or a Frontend configuration problem…..**//</​font>​ 
 +I tried to run XXXXX with XXXX and it doesn'​t work… what can I do to get it working? 
 +The best way to troubleshoot problems in starting games is to determine EXACTLY what Popper is trying to run based on your emulator script. 
 +Follow these steps to help you find out why launching doesn'​t work: 
 +1> try and run game/table in Popper. if it doesn'​t work, exit Popper right away (don't start another game) 
 +2> file explorer. browse to the folder pinupsystem\launch there is a file called **curlaunch.bat** that is the last game script it tried to run. 
 +3> examine the batch file for typos that you may have or forgot a cd\ or something in your script. 
 +4> edit the curlaunch.bat and add a pause at the end and remove @echo off from first line if there is one, and then run the batch file manually directly from this folder (do not move curlaunch.bat) 
 +you will usually find/see errors on why the game/table doesn'​t start properly this way. like forgetting to go to d:\ if your game is on another drive. simply modfiy the launch script afterwards and try again. curlaunch.bat is recreated dynamically and is overwritten each time you start a game/table.
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