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 ====== Future Pinball Emulator Config ====== ====== Future Pinball Emulator Config ======
-Default ​install should work fine,  just enable ​the checkbox in Popper ​Emulator Config.+The default Popper ​install should work fine for most setups by default. You may need to make changes to your launch script depending on how you have Future Pinball installedand what you use with it. 
 +For the latest info on setting up "​Future Pinball"​ properly, goto TerryRed'​s Guide that covers almost everything, including the new PinEvent standard the allows all Pinup Player features to work with Future Pinball now. 
 +Here's a showcase video for PinEvent that demonstrates PuP and PUPDMD on FP. 
 +====== For PuPDMD with FUTUREDMD For Future Pinball DMD ====== 
 +<font inherit/​inherit;;#​e74c3c;;​inherit>​For Pinup Player ​Popper ​Version - 1.4.4 or Higher</​font>​ 
 +This is a new method using <font inherit/​inherit;;#​e74c3c;;​inherit>​FUTUREDMD DMD</​font>​ with a REAL or virtual DMD using Poppers PuPDMD driver. <font inherit/​inherit;;#​e74c3c;;​inherit>​Note:</​font>​ you need Popper installed to use this. (will not work with just pinup player) 
 +In Future Pinball Folder :\\ 
 +FUTUREDMD.ini Set your width/​height to 128×32 and place in lcd area where freezy lcd would show.\\ 
 +Future Dmd -- https://​​index.php?​app=downloads&​showfile=8222 
 +FP Launch script keep as is and add this at end: (change folder location of vpinmame if needed)<​code>​ 
 +timeout /t 20 
 +cd "​C:​\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME"​ 
 +start /min ""​ "​PUPDMDControl.exe" FP 
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