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Visual Pinball 'Insantiy' Checklist. Learn and setup the following:

table roms
table files
color roms/vni/pals
PinUP Player, puppacks, pupcapture, directb2s plugins
freezy/dmd setup
hardware dmd config if you've got one
check/configure your dmddevice.ini/dll/64bit/32bit files locations and settings.
HIDE your b2s dmd, disable that error when missing directb2s file…
Pin2DMD/PinDMDv3/LCD..“and why does it change to ** when I mention it on vpforums?
press f1 and set those vpinmame settings correctly!! external dmd?
run which/what/how as admin?
why is this freggin table rotated now?
where's this ddraw setting….ajit86 -wtf?
volume of all rom music/sounds is looow?
art/wheels/table audio/launch
p-roc setup perhaps
Terry video this… Terry Video that… who is that guy?
the all-knowing and powerful “Spreadsheet”…I'll just download the whole…wait
Join this forum for this part, that forum for those things… don't say that name there…wth?
yes the FAQ… FA-Q too……Was pinball invented in Germany, maybe Australia?
ultradmd files
fastflips… whats that? sounds cool…
music folder
VPX point of view files…
VPX graphics settings for brute force/exclusive full screen/resolutions/vsync
SSF, an exciter? configure sound levels and perhaps sound mix your bass to certain channels.
Teensy? addressable leds….backwall matrix? …. enough with all these blinding lights!
Did I mention DOF config/cabinet.xml/webtool….grab bottle of scotch (or two).
cab keys/input config/pinscape/ledwiz
nudge hardware/settings
plunger hardware/setting
I'll just post this file to….huh? what do you mean the guy will kill me?
Sure, I'll thank everyone on the planet for allowing me to release any mod
ahh SCREW IT…. Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters…. there i said it… where is it?
whats a vpt file? do i need that?
why all stern tables I get a bad rom file name on startup?
Don't forget about the awesome FrontEnd
oh, i want fx3/zaccaria/TPA/TimeShock and all that working with PUP-SSF/DOFLinx/DmdExt…
and where do I put this future pinball table?

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