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Welcome to PinUP Pinball System Wiki

Home of PinUP Popper and PinUP Player

use the sidebar links to help you get your system up and running!! Let the Games…. begin!!!

Some of the great features you can find in PinUP:

Add/Remove Favourites directly in the Front-End. With adding to local favourites, and even a global favorites list.

4K fast video support!! Even on lower end systems the vidoes play much smoother and transition quicker.

FAST,… this is a FAST front-end.… even with 10,000 games it is designed to be extremely quick!

NETWORK GAME MANAGEMENT… Imagine Adding games/Tables from your desktop to your Virtual Pin! Yes you can copy your vpx/b2s and media directly from your desktop… add to playlists directly from your desktop. In realtime… walk over to your cab and start playing the game!!!

Auto-record of all your media needs!!! yes you can sit back and watch as PinUP Popper will record your Topper, Backglass, DMD and playfield(in 4K/30fps smooooth). FOR ALL YOUR TABLES. Yes, people have let it sit there for 8+ hours recording 500+ tables in a row… Great stuffs!!

Unlimited Playlists (even sub-playlists)… super easy playlist manager… can't get much easier!!

Unlimited Emulators, want to run VPX, VP legacy(vp5,vp9), Future Pinball, Mame Games, PC Games….list goes on!

Full list of features here;

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