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PinUP Terminology

Lots of confusing acronyms and layouts you will hear when setting up your PuP-Packs and Layouts. So here are some photos to make sense of some of the layouts and their meanings. You may have a little different layout and that is fine as PuP-Packs can support pretty much any layouts and even custom layouts per game.

Lets get to it:

The Most current and modern screen layout (which Id recommend):

3-Screen (with FULLDMD 16:9 lcd screen)

3-Screen with Split DMD/Topper

2-Screen with DMD (4:1 RealDMD or 4:1 LCDDMD)

2-Screen (no DMD, Backglass and DMD on one screen)

Desktop (All in One-Lanscape)

FSS View (All in One-Portrait View)

Separate TOPPER Displays

This is personal choice and can come in different shapes and sizes and usually will be placed above the BG like this:

Virtual Topper Images – VPINBALL.COM

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