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 VP Community Websites; VP Community Websites;
-[[|{{  :vpinball.png?nolink&300x183  }}]] 
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-[[|{{  :pnirvana.png?nolink&526x91  }}]] 
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 International: International:
-{{  :e0cc1685b3936488f487db1b567b9794.png  }}+[[|{{  :e0cc1685b3936488f487db1b567b9794.png?nolink&  }}]]
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 ====== Projects and Links ====== ====== Projects and Links ======
-Visual Pinball X: [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[| Forum Link:]]+**Visual Pinball X: ** [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[| Forum Link:]]
-Future Pinball: [[|Website Link]]+**Future Pinball:** [[|Website Link]]
-Next-Gen VPE Engine: [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[| Forum Link:]]+**Next-Gen VPE Engine:** [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[| Forum Link:]]
-PinUP System: [[:start|Website Link]] [[|Forums Link:]]+**PinUP System:** [[:start|Website Link]] [[|Forums Link:]]
-B2S BackGlass Engine: [[|SourceForge Project Link]]+**B2S BackGlass Engine: ** [[|SourceForge Project Link]]
-BAM Plugin: Website Link [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|WebSite:]]+**BAM Plugin:** Website Link [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|WebSite:]]
-DMDExt (aka Freezy): [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Releases:]]+**DMDExt (aka Freezy)**: [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Releases:]]
-DOF R3++ Feedback Engine [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|WebSite:]]+**DOF R3++ Feedback Engine** [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|WebSite:]]
-DOFLinx: [[|Guide:]] [[| Download Link:]]+**DOFLinx:** [[|Guide:]] [[| Download Link:]]
-VPINMAME: [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Forum Link:]]+**VPINMAME**: [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Forum Link:]]
-FlexDMD: [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Forum Link:]]+**FlexDMD:** [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Forum Link:]]
-The Internet Pinball Database [[|Website:]]+**The Internet Pinball Database** [[|Website:]]
-Dux Retro's Spreadsheet [[|Link:]]+**Dux Retro's Spreadsheet** [[|Link:]]
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 [[|VR Pinball Group]] [[|VR Pinball Group]]
 +**Discord**: [[|Virtual Pinball Chat]]
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